Raising awareness through storytelling can save lives. Anyone with a story about dangerous currents is encouraged to share it here – survivors, family & friends of victims, first responders, scientists – everyone has a story. Let’s draw strength and inspiration from each other to help others.

Dangerous currents form all over the world. For example, Michigan’s Great Lakes coasts and the shore of Lake Michigan in particular have become an epicenter of drowning-related deaths, with more than 100 drownings in 2012 alone – many of which could have been avoided through education and communication on how to avoid, escape, and save others from rip currents and other beach hazards.

Learn more about avoid, escaping, and saving others from rip currents by watching this dynamic Prezi.

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  1. Mr. Racklyeft,
    I’m contacting you from WPBN-TV in Traverse City. Because of an alarming number of drownings and near-drownings this summer, this television station would like to broadcast a public service announcement to make swimmers more aware of rip currents. If you know of a public service announcement that exists on this subject, please contact me. Thank you, David Williams


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